Go Inside Kandi Burruss’ Family Vacation To Dubai

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Though their big family vacation to Dubai started out with briefly lost luggage, Kandi Burruss and her family didn’t let the temporary snag ruin their plans to have great adventures abroad.

The airline found The Real Housewives of Atlanta family’s luggage — and after settling in for a day, they set off into the desert to ride camels and try their hand at falconry.

Kandi’s son Ace Tucker, 2, seemed to particularly enjoy his camel ride with father Todd Tucker and “wanted to check on everyone to see if they liked it,” she posted on Instagram.

Ace looks like he’s having a major moment of zen while on this camel — and we’re here for it.

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Kandi posted pictures of everyone but Ace holding a falcon.

Of course, Ace is far too young for such an activity, but look at the major shade he’s throwing at that bird! Mom said, “He wasn’t scared at all but he looked like he was ready for war.”

Daughter Riley Burruss is usually fairly reserved, but she seemed pretty excited about the falcon.

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The next day, the family bought fast passes to the Ferrari World amusement park in Abu Dhabi, but, as Kandi documented on her Instagram Stories, the park was empty so they didn’t need to spend the extra money on the line-jumping passes after all.

“I had so much fun yesterday! We started our day off at #FerrariWorldAbuDhabi. We had soooooo much fun there. The roller coasters were dope! Then we went shopping at #EmiratesMall which has to be one of the best malls in the world. We ended the day at #SkiDubai & had a great time!!!! How is it that it can be so hot in Dubai & they have a whole ski resort in the mall! @acewellstucker loved tubing. He made me do it over & over again! ❄️🏂⛷ i love this place!”

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And before the trip concluded, it was tigers & bears! And while the lion was a little too frisky on the day they visited, the baby bears were just adorable and everyone got in on the feeding frenzy.

“We fed a baby bear today!!!! Best trip ever!”

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What an incredible trip and memories made that will last a lifetime!