Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Get a Sneak Peek at Kandi and Porsha’s Sit Down

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It’s Maui mayhem on an all-new episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Extinguishing all hope of a peaceful getaway, the group’s first dinner in Maui escalates to new heights as Kandi and Porsha erupt over who’s to blame for the salacious rumors that have surfaced.


Kandi tries to shake off the drama by planning a speed boat adventure without Porsha, meanwhile Shereé and Bob’s courtship hits a major speed bump of its own.

Later, Phaedra attempts to mend the ladies’ broken friendships by organizing an emergency “restoration service” and Bob tries to salvage what’s left of his relationship with Shereé.

Don’t miss a minute of the drama tonight at 8/7c only on Bravo.

  • Dee

    Porsha a fake ass horse faced lying bytch. Damn get her off the damn show!

  • KaShia Lynn Currington

    At the same time kandi needs be ad at pha pha and i still think the biggest shit starter is kenya i absolutely hate her out of everyone i never watch any scenes with her #Dvr fast forward her ass

  • Sherrie Pajestka

    What about pha girllll. Put porsh in her place all that girl does is lie. And pha sitting their like she had no part in it. She started all this.someone please tell kandi what was said

    • bigmomma king

      Exactly! Why is it that not ONE person is calling Phaedra out ON what she Said?

    • Shauna Brooks

      Yeah but candy started with her first saying she was dating and was on Apollo side like porche said they all talk Candy getting to be too much wish NE NE would come back and shut her down she’s no victum she started with phaidra first

  • bigmomma king

    Why is it that Andy hasn’t mentioned about Porsha’s homophobic Rant on You tube?

  • John Trammell

    Why is it that we have to be divisive against each other to be on tv?

    • Carla Michelle Miles

      Because if they’re not, we ;probably won’t be watching.

  • WearN40swell

    Oh wow really breaking the girl code!!!! Kandi you broke the code long time ago when you told all Phaedra’s business y’all discuss as friends…girl gtfo!!!! If Porsha fucked ya baby day wth you felt a need tell everyone that was messy as hell….your ass been running ya mouth..stfu!!!!! Now you crying over shit she said or made up…now you see how Todd felt when your mom was running around with them fucked up stories about him

    • SWMloveChocklate

      I feel kind of sorry for Kandi….though she’s front and center (the instigator) in this mess, she’s being manipulated by her mother. She’s damaged and controlled by her mother. She’s missing….A Mothers Love. She needs some good therapy. Love you Kandi!

    • Joyce Elie

      You the only one on here remember how Kandi usecto run her mouth every time someone said something. Sheree is just as messy!!!!

  • Toni M Peavy

    Kandi u are my fav & I hope u continue to stand up to those crazy women!!!! U are a classy lady!!!!!