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Get A Closer Look At Kandi Burruss’ Shocking Texts From Porsha Williams

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta trip to Hawaii is getting hot – and it’s not the weather.


It’s no secret that tensions between Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss have escalated before the tropical trip. Um, teapot short and stout, anyone? But things really blew up at the group’s first dinner on the island. Throughout the dinner, Kandi made accusations that Porsha had kissed her and alluded to being interested in more, but Porsha denied these accusations.

That’s when Kandi pulled out the receipts – literally – passing out screenshots of their conversation for the group to read.

This jaw-dropping moment was so real, and the other Atlanta ladies were not ready.

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  • Lu Wms

    Ahhhh Porsha, busted! Wait, what got me was “tell me why I want to go to another COUNTRY with them? ” Hawaii is part of the United States. Keep it real Kandi! 🖒

    • Stephanie Oliver

      Yes I found that to be very funny

    • Kimberly Jones

      It is not shocking, because she also thought there was a driver to the underground railroad smh lollol #TeamKandiAllllDay #ThatManyL’sOnPurpose

      • Leandra LaChelle McElrath

        She also thought it was actually a train underground lol

  • Mec-One

    I’d rather a closer look at Kandi ………

  • Pam Crow

    Haha! 😂😂Get her Kandi!! Lol!

  • Debra Nelson Little

    Porsha doesn’t know Hawaii is the United States, thinks it is another country. I was really feeling sorry for Porsha during the Kenya thing, but I don’t know she is pushing it. I wonder if she really knows or think she knows all this stuff or did Pheadra tell her this?

    • Nicole

      I kind of gasped when she said that

    • Brenda Bell

      She probably thought it was in the ceiling

  • GEMINI521

    Ok.. Not trying to downplay the texts BUT why are these receipts from 2014???

    • tamicadenise

      I personally have some text message threads I’ve never deleted. Like she said, keep your receipts! How old they are isn’t the issue. LOL

      • Shay

        Ok but y’all clearly did not read the top of the page As to Kandi must have asked her to do something and she backed out

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins

    Yassss Kandi spill dat tea hunntie Lol put porshas nasty lien ass on blast

  • MSHolloway

    Sorry BUT you’re the person who said you would play dumb and walk away if it was EVER brought up. Yet you say if it was true, you would’ve told it yourself. So what is it?
    The only receipt here is that something happened and both of you were down. Kandi getting that upset means there’s more weight to what Porscha is saying. When someone truly lies on you, you don’t start divulging info on them THAT involves you too. Duh!!

    • Mimi

      Thank you so much

      • Sachi Forman

        I agree, my opinion both if them got 2 many damn skeletons in there closets. Just let it go. Leave each other alone. It done take putting eveyone in it. Yall no what you said just let it go n grow up. Both of yall petty 4 still talking abiut the b.s.

    • Stephanie Mcfadden

      Not only that kandi is married and doesn’t drink so what was your accuse for kissing and carrying on with porscha and y pi ur husband groping her as he suggested in the episode

    • Stephanie Mcfadden

      Not only that kandi is married and doesn’t drink so what was your excuse for kissing and carrying on with porscha and y pi ur husband groping her as he suggested in the episode

    • Leandra LaChelle McElrath

      You clearly missed the whole point. She is upset because porsha is slandering her name by saying that she was gonna use drugs on her… Or did u miss that part when she said that? It’s very slanderous when u have as much as Kandi does

      • Judy Ochoa

        So true, kandi concernd about the drug slandering.not other stuff, cause she knows how to keep her marriage spicy

  • Brenda Hayden Grandmother

    Omg you mean this mess happen three years ago now you know brovo need to stop smh wow

  • Brenda Hayden Grandmother

    Thank you msholloway

  • Patricia Manuel

    You looked like a demon last night Kandi! You just mad cuz you been exposed!

    • They Ayngel1


  • Kate Kack

    Porsha is a violent trashy nutbag.

  • Madeana Seven

    You should sue Porsha,Kandi. Teach that idiot you can’t just say stupid shit on tv

  • Jessica Cason

    Actually, bravo just recorded it. Sharre brought it up. All Porsha said in a previous clip was kandi may be in the closet. And on another clip Phaedra said kandi & shamea were sleeping together.

    Sharree is busy holding on to conversations and bringing them up when they are all together, but not saying who and what exactly was said.

    Now, this has escalated because kandi was angry this is being said, as she should. During their sit down it went left as each other revealed what the other has heard about or done with the other.

  • mico

    Well I think if Porsha hadn’t been messy trying to “drop weight” on Kandi it may have never got out..buuut she wanted to add to the pot forgetting that she was part of the mix too!!😂😂

  • Teena Johnson

    Where was Porsha turning down an invite to though? I’d like to see the text before that!

  • Gina Hudson

    I get that Porsha was out of line but… I also remember when Mama Joyce was saying awful things about Todd’s mother, Sharon. I call it karma.

  • Keshia Wimbush

    I love this new Kandi. She’s finely not taking there bs anymore.#teamKandi.

    • beautyindecay

      Now if she can get that horrible mother of hers in line.

  • MsJ

    So disappointing to see that rather than enjoying Ace and the new family dynamics, Kandi has stooped so low to Porsha’s level of immaturity and crassness! Grown women behaving as if they are in high school is nothing new for RHOA. Kandi insisting on keeping this ridiculous saga ongoing by responding further, is a surprise to me, as unlike Porsha, Kandi is a long established successful business woman and mother, and should have had the grace to move on. It seems as if the lady, Kandi, doth protests too much…… For your children’s sake, Kandi, regain your dignity and move on ….

  • Hattie Martin Mays

    Kandi is so busy trying to vindicate herself until it is useless. Kandi maybe rich but she is just as trashy as Porsha. You cannot dig a grave for someone else without getting some dirt on yourself. Kandi and HER HUSBAND TODD(she’s so happy to have a HUSBAND that KISSED her NUDE HIPS ON NATIONAL TV .) wasn’t concerned about their reputation as they prepared themselves to have some SEX TIME to themselves, compliments of her mom.
    Were they in the DUNGEON part of their house? This Tongue incident and texts happened 3-4 years ago with TODD in their presence and Todd participated by tapping Porsha on her hips. Kandi didn’t resist whatever was happening. She didn’t resist Porsha and Porsha obviously wasn’t too agressive then. Kandi is way too busy trying to make Porsha look bad, but she show ain’t looking good herself. Kandi states that she’s got a family and this can ruin her reputation. Well Sister Girl your HANDS AIN’T CLEAN.


    Porsha did not start this mess – Kandi fell right into Sheree’s trap called ” tell all your secrets I only know a lil bit” … I’m shocked that grown business women are so shallow and easily stirred – take your shit off the table – simply say I do not wish to discuss that here you dont have all the facts and i dont care. NEXT. SMH – Instigation is real! – but then they would not have a show now would they – that’s entertainment