Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Chateau She Did That

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Next week on the season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s going down at the Chateau Sheree housewarming!

At the party, things heat up when Kenya finds herself going toe-to-toe with a blast from the past.

Cynthia carries the bone that Apollo’s girlfriend was a guest at Kandi and Todd’s OLG Restaurant preview.

Phaedra lends a helping hand to Kandi’s former disgruntled employee.

Porsha discovers a new sense of clarity in her relationship with Todd.

Don’t miss RHOA next Sunday at 8/7c only on Bravo.

  • Sonya

    It’s obvious what apollo is doing he is bringing the drama from prison!. It is purely to extend his 15mins of so called fame. Kandi and Todd should lock off that friendship. Apollo and Phaedra deserve each other

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  • Regina

    Kenya needs to be checked!!! Her messy ass stay wanting to shade someone, she better focus on her life wth Matt & worry about her safety. Even if Sharee house isnt finish, its bigger and wayyyyy better then Kenya.

    • Truth

      Kenya acted the way ALL of us would have reacted to that situation. She wasn’t messy at all!! She thought her situation with Phaedra was improving, but Phaedra stabbed her in the back as well as Phaedra did to other people. This was just too juicy to ignore!!

      • Pamela Jordan Smith

        Kenya didnt do enough if you ask me…hell that duo dragged her for 2 years..only for both of them to have side pieces…Enjoy Kenya Enjoy

    • Jeni Brown

      So true she needs a chill pill..she’s like a monster always has mean comments the other girls.

    • Jessica

      Wait… The house not finished..??

  • Richgeana White

    Interesting Cynthia is the one that can’t wait to tell Apollo sent his tramp to Todd & Kandi’s restaurant opening it’s more his restaurant than hers that’s going to come back to haunt her she’ll get exactly what she deserves . Kenya & Cynthia didn’t need to say nothing with the losers they had for men Kandi acting like she didn’t know she was coming when the girl said Todd & Kandi been helping her that’s some grimy sh*t .Todd nor Kandi is the saints everyone thinks they are so honest bullsh*t no one in stardom is they’re all snakes . Apollo & Peter trying everything they can to stay apart of the show only reason why Apollo had his hoe come there and you know Peter was only there for that drama because that bitch bolted right after that . Cynthia needs to move on keep his ass off the show once they get divorced the guy is no longer needed . We know Sheree nor Kenya can afford their houses they only letting them stay in those houses for the season after the show houses be back where they were until they pay what they owe same with that restaurant she owes the contractors for pay up or it eventually will get closed down because she was $100k over budget and it wasn’t even open yet now she’s owes $600k that’s thousand for all the dummies please pay the hell up besides the manager that worked on the wedding pay the hell up then talk to me about being a big baller we know you had to sleep with whoever they told you to sleep with to get that money and since you been doing that since xscape you were use to it

    • Rentorbuy Realestateoffice

      sounds like we don’t need to watch the show, we simply need to listen to your version. I totally disagree with your observation. But that’s life. Back to work. Have a wonderful day!

    • Sensible

      Totally agree with everything you said and I am sensible.

      • Pebbles Evans Ray

        Thats not what she said
        She stated they supported apollo so she was there to support them cause he couldn’t be there kandi didn’t know but todd knew that she might appear

  • Richgeana White

    Of course Sheree messy but having a house warming and it ain’t finished yet crazy


    Every one I know has a room in their homes where things that are no longer useful are thrown..Especially when it is a big house.
    Mine is a back closet…it is filled with junk while the rest of my home is
    So I do not understand what the fuss about Sheree’s messy hidden room is about.
    I pray Kenya finds happiness..cus anyone rejected by a parent goes through life with a hurt soul..I feel for her.

  • ms. net

    I agree with you sonya, apollo is locked up and his mitch men out here doing his dirty work, I don’t care what is going on in phaedra’s life she did the right thing getting out the marriage. why and how did apollo do the things he did and think he could get away with it? I think the real FRICK AND FRACK goes to peter and todd, apollo’s minions.

    • Bunga

      Damn use all sound like haters! Get off her webpage if you don’t mess with her. The houses are a matter of opinion but to say Kenya lives in a dump is hysterical, I would put money that her house is way better than yours. Don’t be a hater be a congratulator!

  • Mali

    Am so happy that porsha give her friend and great day if fun for her birthday. That’s a friend. Keep her away from the bullshit. And Kandi u are worst of a lier than porsha. I fell sorry for u. And that fake marriage of yours.

  • Mali

    What so wrong with Sheree house the woman house is done she just put some stuff in her base till she fine some wear to put it. People dose that all the time. Any ways her house is beautiful. Nicer than Kanya. Kanya girl u know u living in a dump. Girl bye

  • Nia

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  • Renaata

    Kandi, everybody know that Phaedra.can be shady and a liar at times,.like most of the cast. But Kenya disrespected.her marriage to.Appollo, and u all know this,.but no of yet had told Kenya this, she is just as wrong as.Phaedra, but you all are quick to call her out, if. Kenya had been.flirting with Todd the way she.flirted with Phaedra.husband you would have wanted to.fight her, and by the way people are saying your husband cheat and use your money.