Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Baby Nups and Breakups

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On tonight’s all new Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies are back home and ready to get down to business.


Cynthia shows the Atlanta fashionistas that she’s more than a pretty face, even as Shereé tries to interfere.

Kandi starts planning an OLG Restaurant preview, while Phaedra helps Kandi’s former employee seek financial resolution.

Porsha decides she’s ready to take her relationship with Todd to the next level.

Matt resurfaces, forcing Kenya to make a decision about their future.

Don’t miss RHOA tonight at 8/7c only on Bravo.

  • Elaine Heath

    Kenya, Cynthia, Porsha, and Sheree does not want a relationship with any man. They clearly are very
    Career-minded women and they are not interested
    In supporting men that isn’t on their leveI I hope Kandi and Todd continues to maintain their marriage. Phaedra will proceed with her life as soon as she can finalize her divorce.

    • Cindiloowhoo

      well Kenya can not seem to keep a man. Porsche has a man and Sheree
      too busy causing problems with everybody and getting messy don’t bother with a man. Peter ain’t worth having he’s such a liar Cynthia’s too beautiful for him anyway personality and outside. Some bunch of fucked up crazy women. But somebody needs to definitely muzzle Sheree

      • Cindy

        Women like you are so annoying ! What is it with insecure as hell and that word ‘cant keep a man’ grow up and keep yourself. Kenya thank God knows how to ‘keep herself ‘ you on the other hand are possibly running around trying to find some guy to keep you which is why you say stuff like this to be bitchy…
        You were not put on the earth to be anyone’s slave. Talking in such idiotic terms. Learn to take care of yourself before trying to take down another who clearly can take care of herself.!!!!

        • Judith Lewis

          Well, is it men Sheree likes? She was a body builder and she is out on the Internet dressed butch with a woman, who is referred to as her woman. That is why I was surprised when she ran with the lesbian rumor. Also, Phaedra had a bisexual relationship with Angela Stanton. Angela boyfriend gave his deposition to the feds. This is why he and Angela broke up. Oh, yes this case is still ongoing. Phaedra tried to get out of being deposed but the Judge ruled against her. Check allaboutthrtea for both stories. Phaedra is not divorce, all over news and Matt has a warrant issued on him from NC for fighting Peter.

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    Matt has serious issues

  • Nia

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