Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Apollo Reveals Why He Lied

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After week’s of gossip and assumptions, Apollo opens up to Peter about his history with Phaedra and why he decided to lie about seeing Kenya in LA.


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  • Okambi

    Don’t believe him!!!!! he jus wants Kenya to put money on his books!!!!!!!!!!

    • clarkharry86

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    • sara

      LMBO = true *okamdi.

  • Diamond

    I believe him I just think he not using his head like most guys

  • Patricia Thomas

    Apollo is full of himself. He talks about how he was raised but yet he was too ghetto and a criminal to use getting with Phaedra to better himself and lead an honest life. He knows that Phaedra got pregnant and because of her upbringing she felt the need to marry him otherwise I think he would remained a ‘drive by’ or ‘booty call’ to her.