Ace Makes His Television Debut On Dr. Oz!

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Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday talked to Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker about their new son Ace, her post-baby body and their marriage.

On her post baby body, Burruss shares: “Breast feeding is a major contributor but also, I did not drink anything but water, no juice, no soda , nothing for the first month and a half. And no sweets because I’m a sweet eater, I love sweets; I can eat dessert after every meal. So I didn’t eat any sweets.


It was extremely hard, but typically I give up something in the beginning of the year, every year anyway, as a prayer fast but this year doing that with breast feeding it just made the weight come off. And I’m actually smaller now than I was before I got pregnant.”

On how she communicates in her marriage, Burruss says: “That’s on his part, he’s helping me to be a better communicator because I am not the greatest at, you know, expressing my feelings. Like, I’ll shut down easily.

So, sometimes I’ll just hold it in or keep it to myself and then when I’m done with something I’m just done. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. But he won’t allow me to do that. He forces me to talk which is a good thing.”