Kandi's Ski Trip

A Shocking Revelation

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Mama Joyce & Carmon have a confrontation 2 years in the making. Plus Kandi’s Aunts reveal a shocking revelation that has them worried about Mama Joyce’s health? Watch an exclusive preview below.

You won’t want to miss this on the finale of ‎Kandi‬’s Ski Trip tonight @ 8/7c.

  • Theresa James

    ???? Sorry no excuses for being disrespecttful and rude! I love my mom but if she’s wrong she’s wrong!

    • disqus_JIBTXrMV2M

      Agreed, I only have one mom, n I do love her dearly. But if shes wrong, shes wrong n its up to me to tell my mom, the woman that bore/raised me, “mom, ur wrong.” I agree.

  • disqus_JIBTXrMV2M

    I think what mama Joyce cant see is Kandi has a husband now, Kandi is not exactly the free woman anymore. Kandi is not single. Mama Joyce needs to just go away for a year, regroup, get it together, as well as all the other relatives who think Kandi owes them something, Kandi doesn’t, we know that, and then, come back into Kandi life on Kandis terms. In church we had a saying, give that couple a year to be with each other, then start inviting them over/hanging out with them, again. Its all about them for the first year of marriage.

  • baxtersbrother2

    Some of the medications are not helping her. Also, I think Joyce is scared of being completely alone

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