10 Hit Songs You May Not Know Kandi Burruss Wrote

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Kandi Burruss may be currently known for her role on the hit reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” but before the show, she wrote hit songs for many big-name artists in the music industry.


Below are 10 hit songs many may not know Kandi wrote:

Whitney Houston – “Tell Me No”

In 2002, the late great Whitney Houston released the album “Just Whitney.” The singer’s fifth studio album featured the single “Tell Me No,” in which Kandi wrote alongside Babyface, Annie Roboff and Holly Lamar. ”Just Whitney” went on to become triple platinum worldwide.

Pink – “There You Go”

Kandi wrote singer Pink’s first hit song ‘There You Go.” In 2000, the single, which was featured on Pink’s debut album “Can’t Take Me Home” became a commercial success, becoming her first Top 10 entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it peaked at #7.

Destiny’s Child – “Bills, Bills, Bills”

Kandi wrote and produced several songs on Destiny’s Child’s second album “The Writing’s On The Wall,” including “Bug-A-Boo,” “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “So Good,” “Hey Ladies” and “She Can’t Love You,” which was released in 1999. In an interview, Kandi was asked if she was responsible for the “women’s empowerment” movement in the music industry after writing hits like “Bills, Bills, Bills.” She said she can’t take all the credit but that she contributed.

‘N Sync — “It Makes Me Ill”

Kandi is responsible for the lyrics of ‘N Sync’s song “It Makes Me Ill” which she wrote along with Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs. The single was featured on ‘N Sync’s 2000 hit album “No Strings Attached.”

Mariah Carey – “X-Girlfriend”

In 1999, Kandi worked with Mariah Carey on her “Rainbow” album. She collaborated with Carey and Briggs, to write and produce the single “X- Girlfriend” for the project. ”Rainbow” was certified triple-platinum.

Usher – “Pop Ya Collar”

The studio album ”8701“ is the third by American R&B recording artist Usher, and was released in 2001. On this LP, Kandi penned the track “Pop Ya Collar.” The song helped the album sell more than 4 million copies.

Alicia Keys – “Jane Doe”

On Alicia Keys’ 2001 debut album ”Songs in A Minor,” she uttered the words “Kan-di collabo”on the song ”Jane Doe.” She said those words to give Kandi recognition for writing the song and singing with her in the background. ”Songs in A Minor” went 12x platinum worldwide.

Boyz II Men — “Good Guy”

In 2000, Kandi wrote “Good Guy” for hit R&B group Boyz II Men’s album “Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya.” The album was given that name because it was the first LP in which the group had more creative control. The project went gold, selling 500,000 units in the United States.

TLC – “No Scrubs”

Kandi wrote TLC’s Grammy Award-winning song, “No Scrubs.” The song, which was co-written by Chilli, T-Boz, Debra Killings, Kandu and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, spent 15 weeks at the top of Rhythmic Top 40. The track, part of TLC’s 1999 album “Fan Mail,” sold 6 million copies.

Sole – “4,5,6?

Kandi wrote rapper Sole’s hit song “4,5,6?, which featured J.T. Money. Kandi also sang the chorus to the track, which was released in 1999.


  • Whocares

    Well damn Kandi!! You better get that publishin’!! LOL

  • Pennylane22

    Kandi’s money is Lonnggggg!! And she is SMART with that and doesn’t act like she is a “rich bitch” like some newly slightly wealthy stuck up co-start (YES You NENE) lol.

    • juicy83

      Luv you true reply.


    Yes, Kandi been doin here thang, well before RHOA! She is use to wealth, unlike Nene. Kandi just seems real and humble. I use to like Nene (she was my favorite) before she got so arrogant and egotistical!


    Yes, Kandi been doin here thang, well before RHOA! She is use to wealth, unlike Nene. Kandi just seems real and humble. I use to like Nene (she was my favorite) before she got so arrogant and egotistical!

  • South Fort Ent

    I write songs too, but no one will sing them.

    • Delorean Keitel

      Maybe we can co write I’ve always wanted to meet someone and be the next babyface/La reid Jimmy jam/Terry Lewis I love to write music I have my sister do most of my song’s I write for females my name is keitel get at me I’m a good song writer from what I’ve always been told I know longer dream to sing I love to write 🙂

  • Lisa

    Kandi is well aware that the Hollywood life style cost. She spends her money wisely. Trust
    after some of those RHOA are done buying
    all those red bottom shoes and designer
    goods the IRS gone come knocking for their cut. Some are riding on that short term money. Kandi
    stacking and riding on tht long bank roll. A fool and his money shall soon depart….RHOA
    got a few fools floating about.

    • Zina Kind


  • Caroline Davis

    Love me some momma j she looking out for herz

    • Delorean Keitel

      I agree

  • theresa

    As a mother of three young ladies, I would never treat my daughters the way Joyce is treating Candy. I don’t care how many failed relationships she’s had. So she’s not acting like any other mother trying to protect our children. Candy’s not a child, she’s grown and has been grown for along time. Joyce is out of control andTodd is a punk, if he allows her to disrespect him the way that she does, there’s not that much love out their. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Todd and Candy both need to get some self respect. I’m sick of both of them whining. I can’t feel sorry for either one of them, Momma Joyce need to mind her damn business, as long as Candy let’s her momma run her business she will never have a man.

  • loves to dance

    You go Kandi! Eventually momma Joyce will come around. I hate when they show your face when she or Todd is talking about the other, I can see the hurt it brings you. She does not want her baby hurt, but at the same time she should know by now that you are one smart lady! It’s nice to see you dressing to impress your man. I wish you and Todd many happy years together! I just wish that some of the other’s could act as down to earth as you do, when you say you’re keeping it real you do that’s why you’re my favorite and Mrs “P” is in second place.

  • Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! PS – Congrats on the new nuptials! Wishing and sending you all the best! —- SingleMomsTV :~)

  • Entertainmentluvva

    no wonder kandi’s ass is so rich lol this was back in the days when albums went multi platinum

    • Osmo ‘okmo’ Mikkonen

      It is called “skill”

      • Entertainmentluvva

        what does that have to do with anything that i said ?! lol there are many songwriters who have no “skill” it’s about knowing the right ppl and being persistent

        • Osmo ‘okmo’ Mikkonen

          ok now look.. you offended me.. terrible what you have done.

          • Entertainmentluvva

            girl bye !

        • Queenmarie

          none of his/her comments make sense.

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  • Osmo ‘okmo’ Mikkonen

    In my honest opinion she has left everything for after she rose herself to public THIS does not give anyone the right in calling her names. Burruss is the queen. I say.. damn.. damn.

    PS: Greetings from Finland !

  • Osmo ‘okmo’ Mikkonen

    before i leave my beloved personalized-computer here alone, may i indulge what the track in here is

  • Osmo ‘okmo’ Mikkonen

    For me i have been working between music at the early stages from a small child. I can no bring forth any who have seen, tho this includes me playing a guitar, drums, piano, violin and some minor irrelevalt musical instruments.. Violin and piano are that i call still go good (for me)

    • Glimmer88

      Once again —you make NO SENSE

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  • Bea Houseoffashion…wow….Kandi wow

  • That Gal

    Wow, she had some true talent once upon a time

  • Denise

    This smart and talented sister has shown women how to not just handed her finance but be a wonderful mom and wife and business owner she is the one lady i truly wish to meet some day keep doing ur thing lady Kandi

  • Mike Brooks

    I 💜 your music Kandi!

  • Marie Loggins

    Too bad with all that money and fame, she acts like a gutter rat. I have never heard such VULGAR LANGUAGE IN MY LIFE. Too bad she did not go to etiquette school like Diana Ross or the Motown people. She really makes herself look bad. I don’t think NeNe WOULD EVER TALK THE WAY KANDI BURRUSS TALKS. Wash your mouth out with soap and take some anger management classes PLEASE.